Joseph Gleason's Open Source Projects

Over the years, between work and school I have amassed a collection of code that might be useful to someone. I am going to put the peices that are relatively well formed and tested on this site for public use. Each project will have a document containing a description of its purpose and state.

I'm not sure how to best organize all my stuff, so for now I am going to just throws things in directories and make it accessable. I'll maybe do something more fancy later.


  • Please contact me if you are using any of my software. Of course, you don't have to, but I will work more on things people give me feedback about. Feature requests or problem reports or general questions are also welcome.


    Argus Array

    This project is a hardware and software project to store data on some bits of hardware.

    C Utils

    This project contains a set of utilities designed to aid writing threaded C code. This set consists of a Producer-Consumer monitor and a Reader-Writer monitor. There is also a C hash table implementation in here.


    This project is a bidirection syncing daemon written in Java. It is designed to sync from many to many system via distributing the data efficently by building a minimum spanning tree of connected nodes. Currently hosted on sourceforge.

    Java Utils (package cc.glsn)

    This project contains a bunch of java classes. It is an odd grab bag of stuff.

    Java Utils (package cc.glsn.v15)

    This project contains a bunch of java classes for use with Java 5.0. Uses generics. Much overlap with cc.glsn (above).

    Neural Network (package cc.glsn.v15.neuralnet)

    A generic feed forward neural network implementation. Supports back-propogation learning, any number of inputs, outputs and hidden layers.
    javadoc JAR

    Paranoid File Copy (package cc.glsn.v15)

    Copies a file from a source to a destination using MD5 checksums stored separately and verifies after write. Used by the Argus Array project.
    javadoc JAR

    Life (Conway's Game Of) (package

    A Java/Swing implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Wikipedia
    javadoc JAR

    Sound Relay (package cc.glsn.soundrelay)

    This project is a java client and server designed to read audio from line in and send it over the network in a buffered loss-less mannor. Uses (44khz * 16bits * 2 channels) 1.4mbit/s of bandwidth per stream but very little CPU. Good for audio streaming over local network.

    Random Image (package cc.glsn.randomimage)

    Some trash I have thrown togather to generate my cool background images.

    ACM Programming Contest Reference

    This is the reference prepaired by us Virginia Tech teams for the 2004 world finals. Since there was a length restriction, it is not very useful unless you are already farmiliar with the concepts contained therein.


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